Shares 23 September 2019
Sumingyu 2019-9-23 11:56
On wet days I usually make my way through the vehicle flow in the main street to and from work. But in the dry weather as recently, I take the dirt path across the fields west of our house. 雨幕通衢車流中,天高氣燥陌上行。 I would rather seclude myself than get along with the ...
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Shares Visiting the neighbor
Rosanna 2019-9-23 11:10
Visiting the neighbor
I received a phone call from a new woman voice, I was so surprised the voice from one of my childhood sister Xiu Zhen, Her family lived with my home just face each other in one cottage area for three years in Shan Xi province, according to delegate the local government policies, our families ...
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Shares I am a newcomer
venus_wx 2019-9-23 11:02
I am newcomer in DioEnglish. I want to writing English blogs to keep the feeling of English writing as well as improve my poor spelling caused by replying too much on the function of computer auto correction. I am very busy at my work, so my blogs will be short at most of the time. My ...
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Shares Black out
bluephoebe 2019-9-22 15:09
I was getting drunk without actually drinking alcohol and it was not any slightly tipsy, but that totally blank-out, memory loss, complete kind of drunk. It was very bizarre, really. Before I went to the hospital for my fifth chemotherapy, I took ten tablets of DXMS ...
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Shares 22 September 2019
Sumingyu 2019-9-22 12:07
I should always remember our chief with gratitude for being exempt from attending the athletic meeting suffering the cold and hot day. 蒙恩免暴寒,時時當感念。 My past complaints about him have vanished like smoke and I will do anything assigned. 煙消前之怨,日後任驅遣。 ...
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Shares Thoughts of Learning English
极速赛车APP下载jeffrey0301 2019-9-21 19:53
I have been learning English at 51 talk for five years. According to my learning records, I have completed 583 classes and practiced English communication for 291 hours. Chawee, Clief, and Cardi, they are my favorite teachers. They have left 51Talk one by one. But I haven't graduated from 51talk ye ...
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Shares 21 September 2019
Sumingyu 2019-9-21 13:06
Leaving their fields unplanted and overgrown with weeds, some farmers have gone afar making a living. 田園荒蕪主不顧,逺走他鄕謀生路。 It is a pity that they can hardly benefit from farming on account of the dear seeds and fertilizer and the cheap harvest. 種肥昂貴谷物賎 ...
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Shares Metamorphic testing of STT.
lianwa 2019-9-20 19:41
An interesting topic worth to discuss is how to test a speech-to-text (STT) system like Siri, Alexa. From this discussion I hope to let the major problem in traditional software testing practice be surfaced. Imagine we are trying to design a test case for a STT system, fir ...
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Shares 20 September 2019
Sumingyu 2019-9-20 10:45
For fear of being accused of giving others what he deserted, he left it on the roadside. 己不欲兮棄路旁,倘施人兮恐遭謗。 The poor passer⁃by was overjoyed to come across it and wished lasting happiness to the former owner. 貧者遇兮喜洋洋,祝彼君兮福無疆。 ...
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Shares Mosquitoes
Sophia.JIANG 2019-9-20 01:28
Everywhere is filled up with mosquitoes involving dormetory's room,class room and selfstudy room, despite time has already past the mid-autumn festival. i got 7bites on my left ankle yesterday evening in the selfstudy room and i was in long trousers! That's iching untill now. What's more, i am liste ...
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