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Thoughts of Learning English

73 views. 2019-9-21 19:53

I have been learning English at 51 talk for five years. According to my learning records, I have completed 583 classes and practiced English communication for 291 hours. Chawee, Clief, and Cardi, they are my favorite teachers. They have left 51Talk one by one. But I haven't graduated from 51talk yet. My English is still poor.
 Sometimes, I think the reason why my English is not yet improving yet is because of my learning ability. However, I know I excel in other fields. I think, my learning method doesn’t suit me. I believe, with the right method, I can master the language in no time because I am an experienced teacher, too. Moreover, I found the main reason as to why my language skills hasn’t improved yet. I have no one to practice the language with. In other words, I don't have an atmosphere for learning English.
Thanks to my other teacher, Jhoan, In my opinion she is an excellent teacher and she is willing to help me. I like the way she communicates in English. She speaks in a clear and relaxing manner. It is pleasing to the ear, like the breeze or the sound of water spring. Sometimes I can't catch up with her but her body language helps me understand her better. Now we can have some simple communication. I feel happy whenever I speak to her. Because she never makes me nervous and she always encourages me to express myself.
I hope I can make great progress with her help. Finally, we can get into barrier-free communication situation.

Corrected by Teacher Jhoan

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