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How to descript a person

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There are four kinds of style lists feature of writing; they are Narration, Description, Exposition and Argumentation. For me I usually write my blogs with Narration more, it’s meaning my experience to tell the story from the beginning to the end, it likes a diary which is more reality. But I seldom to descript a person from in and out deeply, after I read the book which is to tell how to make a good writing routine, I would like to try.

James is my friend. He also happens to be my brother-in law. I met him seven years ago when he was dating my sister. I am happy that my sister married James, He is a good man. My whole family likes him.

James is as handsome as a movie star. He is over 1.8 meter tall with thick, black hair and a strong, square jaw. His dark, black eyes always look directly at you. His complexion is dark, and it gets even darker in the summertime. He always stands very straight. He has large hands with long fingers. When he shakes hands with you, his grip is firm. James is thirty five years old, but he looks younger. He dresses formally when he works, but he likes to wear jeans and T-shirt at home on the weekends.

James has a pleasing personality. His handsome looks and his direct manner make him popular. He has many friends. He always tells the truth. If you ask him what he thinks, he will tell you openly and directly. I like that about him. He is always helping others. When strangers came to his town, he is usually the one to help them find their way around the city. Since he works as a building inspector in a joint-venture, he has many foreign colleagues, He helps them with the language, and he also asks them to join his football team. This way they can meet other local people. James loves sports and that’s why I paid he is a sunshine boy.

This part to tell the readers how James is, from his pleasing personality and handsome looking, and human behavior, the relationship with writer. How to introduction a person is very important part in the writing.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-7-11 10:21
So,  is James  a real man or just a story.  The man was so great that he must be a role in a story.  
Reply Rosanna 2019-7-23 10:12
wangjide01: So,  is James  a real man or just a story.  The man was so great that he must be a role in a story.   
James is a story in my text,

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