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My birthday

72 views. 2019-7-30 11:33

I am leo, Yesterday was July 29 that was my day, the day of each year for sure big dinner, gifts and happy hour which is my time I do whatever I like, such as SPA or full set massage that is my favorite.

Luckily at the early morning of yesterday had rain heavily, erase extremely hot of last few weeks, I was so happy to receive my daughter’s message at the day before, to ask what kind of gift I want for my birthday, she checked with me whether I like Dyson Hair Dryer she can buy for me, I felt so regret about it when I heard it, because she liked it so much and she asked me to buy for her at her birthday this year, but I was kindly refused. I said to her, No thanks, you gave me your Apple PC already at the few months ago, that’s good enough. She knew my waist is not good. She bought an electronic massage mat, I am so happy my daughter became more mutual and sensible, even sometime she just like a little girl in front of our parents.

After back from Lu Shan trip, I found the camera of Apple cell phone is not good enough than Hua Wei, the color and viewing lens is much better of HW, Tiger caught my idea and take the action immediately. At the second day I have gotten HW P30Pro my love to be my birthday gift from Tiger.

Kathy is one of my good friends, but recently she was at home due to she had the small operation for her eyes, I would like to visit her to her home with the tradition foods, like milks or health care produces, but she was kindly refused and agree to meet me nearly my home for afternoon tea time, we all hate eating for meeting.  She was early than me, so she had order the dessert and two drinks waiting for me. I felt sorry to her deeply, I promised I will buy the bills for the next time. I asked her to have the rest for her eyes seriously at the following days. Chatting and laughing cannot stop still 4pm, two hours was really short time between our intimate friends. I had a really good time with Kathy of my birthday.

Tiger always said you are the happiest women in the world, Yes, I am, I am so glad I have all of you around me, and making my life fresher.

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