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Visiting the neighbor

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I received a phone call from a new woman voice, I was so surprised the voice from one of my childhood sister Xiu Zhen, Her family lived with my home just face each other in one cottage area for three years in Shan Xi province, according to delegate the local government policies, our families were lucky to return back to Beijing, from that time we were lost contact for ages.

Our parents were all working in one company; her mother and my mother were all good friends and help lots during the hard time. I remembered that my parents are the party members, every night after work they might have to the meeting till the midnight, my two brothers were fond of play with his friends at outside. I was only 6 years old, I was so jealous Xiu Zhen her parents were all at home in the evening, Her parent were so kind and they would like me to go to her home and waiting my mom back, sometime I felt so shamed till I fell asleep, till today I am still remember the situation.

Xiu Zhen and I were so exciting on the phone and we had the little talks and agreeing, after left the message by wechat, after I knew her parents were almost 90 years old, still lived in the old build without elevator, her mother was not in good healthy she was hardly go down stair. I was going to visit her mother and father at yesterday afternoon with my mom and my brother.

Chen Da Ma I called her mother like this, she was exciting when I was holding her hands, Chen Da Ye said I was totally changed and hardly recognized me on the street. For sure, how many years we did not see each other? In their eyes I was still a little girl.

My mom was happy talking to her sister after long separation, I was chatting with my friend Xiu Zhen cannot stop it. My brother took the pictures and videos for us to record the wonderful moments.


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Reply teadrinking 2019-9-24 23:25
Unforgettable memory vividly comes back in reality by the chance of seeing old friends. Meeting with them is supposed to be full of joy.
Reply Rosanna 2019-9-25 08:54
teadrinking: Unforgettable memory vividly comes back in reality by the chance of seeing old friends. Meeting with them is supposed to be full of joy.
thank you, you can understand what my feeling was.

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