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Success belongs to the persevering.

75 views。 2019-8-1 22:57

       Everyone wants to be a successful man one day. I saw a blog today, which is about success. It tells us successful people must have a lot of  certain  good qualities in their early life, such as honest, industry,enthusiasm,thrift and so on. I am completely agree with this point of view. Generally speaking, these good qualities are the key factors of success.  However, It always takes much time to achieve your goal. Sometimes the process is too hard,boring and seemed endless, which makes us so tired that we almost quit half way. Even worse, we get sick and tired of doing the seemingly endless routine work day after day. At this time, it not only requires these good qualities, but also needs determination,courage and perseverance.  There is an old Chinese saying that half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fall by the way side. It reminds us that we must sustain our effort when the goal is about to be achieved. The last part , to some extent, is always the hardest . People who persevere to the end will have the most beautiful smile. Remember: Success belongs to the persevering.  

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