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  • teadrinking published a new blog 9-16 21:38
    极速赛车APP下载Lose weight
    This morning I weighed myself and the scale turned out to be at 70kg. Because of regular workout, I am getting thinner. Meanwhile, I keep diet and ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 9-2 23:42
    School again
    Again, students go back to school today. It also reminds me of the time I went to school for first time. That was great time studying at school. Af ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 8-5 23:14
    Hold on and we can do better
    The reason of hanging in there is we still hold the brief and expect to earn the life we want. Though the path approaches to the goal is not that smo ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 8-4 10:12
    Night jog
    Last midnight, I met a sudden heavy rainfall as I almost finished the jogging. I just ran in the rain slowly for the last twenty minutes. I was wet b ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 7-2 21:38
    Rubbish sorting
    To sort rubbish into different bins is such a headline. Not only in cities in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in more cities will carry out regulation ...
Lose weight 2019-09-16
This morning I weighed myself and the scale turned out to be at 70kg. Because of regular workout, I am getting thinner. Meanwhile, I keep diet and ...
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After the mid-autumn day 2019-09-15
Being cooler though it is still hot in the day. In the night I listen to the crickets.Particularly when I am jogging around, the familiar sound sooth ...
(58) Views|(0) Replies
Just go anyway 2019-09-15
It is not easy to find out what exactly we are doing. We are busy doing for living while rarely squeezing the time to think about what we really wa ...
(59) Views|(0) Replies
Mid-Autumn Day 2019-09-11
This Friday will be the Mid-Autumn Day. Every one in the office was delivered with a small box of mooncakes and a medium sized box packed with some ...
(116) Views|极速赛车APP下载(0) Replies
Nice scent 2019-09-08
Wandering on the strret, the scent of osmanthus flowers came into nose. I was struck by that familiar smell of autumn. Yes, the mid-autumn is coming ...
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shirleyytt2010 2017-12-12 09:10
Hi dear friend, Long time no see you update blogs here, how are you recently ?
MarcoYang 2017-10-11 08:46
teadrinking: Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you
moli 2017-7-7 10:56
thanks for your kind comments.
have a good weekend!
sunnyv 2015-12-6 15:03
Allow me to suggest better ways of writing - After Snow:
I opened eyes = I woke
Fellows = Playmates

Otherwise, everything is fine.
Lynnshine 2015-11-16 19:32
teadrinking: Nice to meet you, friend.
Nice to meet you too
beth 2014-3-6 09:49
teadrinking: nice meeting you
nice to meet u,too!
bigcat 2013-1-23 22:37
teadrinking: welcome
bigcat 2013-1-23 22:37
teadrinking: welcome
bigcat 2013-1-22 00:02
i am coming
bigcat 2012-9-30 02:22
Maria252 2011-3-28 08:54
Maria252 2011-3-7 20:44
Wish you happiness forever!
yaping 2011-2-8 14:36
JessicaMing 2010-11-16 22:41
Mimosa❤ 2010-11-15 21:28
just to satisfy my curiosity~
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