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23 June 2019

228 views. 2019-7-2 22:26

Bailiffs at Shihao village


At twilight I put up at Shihao village for the night when I saw the local bailiffs were recruiting soldiers by force.


The old host escaped by climbing over the wall. And the old hostess went outside having a look.


How angrily the bailiffs was barking! How pitifully the old woman was crying!


I heard the woman saying that her three sons had joined the army attacking the rebels at Ye City and one sent a letter home telling that the other two had just been killed in battle.


The survivors had to drag out an ignoble existence temporarily。 The deceased were gone forever。


There was no other man in the house except her sucking grandson, whose mother did not leave for the child and she had no intact clothes for going out.


She added although she was old and feeble, she could go back with the guys to the military camp at Heyang that night for the urgency of the situation there. She hoped to be in time for preparing breakfast for the soldiers.


As the night advanced, the speaking ceased at last. It sounded like someone weeping intermittently. On my leaving at daybreak, I bade farewell to the old host alone.


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