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24 June 2019

155 views. 2019-7-6 09:53

Have no family member to say goodbye


After the Tianbao of Tang Xuanzong, the vast country has become desolate and uninhabited. The deserted villages are completely overgrown with wormwood and pigweeds.  


In our hamlet there were once one hundred odd households. All of them have been displaced by the turbulent times.


I have no news of the survivors. The deceased have turned into dust.


After we suffered a terrible defeat at Ye City, I returned to look for the former path to my village.


In the pale sunlight I saw nothing but deserted alleys, a heart-rending sight during the long walk in my village。


The sudden appearance of several foxes quite surprised me. They howled displeasure at me with their hair on end.


There are only two old widows left in our neighborhood.


Even a bird is reluctant to leave the branch it first perched on, how can I desert my homeland? Let me settle here for the time being。


It's just spring and I went to hoe the field alone。 I returned at dusk watering the vegetable beds。


Knowing my homecoming, the bailiffs of the county came to enlist me in the army again.


I'll serve in our locality but I can find nothing in my house for me to take along.


I feel lucky to perform military service near my home in spite of my loneliness. I may lose my way back if sent far away.


Now that my home village has been empty, it’s the same to me whether to serve far or near。


It pains me deeply to be absent from the deathbed of mother who had been ill for so long without being properly buried five years ago.


She gave birth to me and brought me up in vain and died with a grievance in her heart at last. And I also have to swallow my resentment and choke back my sobs.   


How can I be called a civilian when getting into such a plight without any family member to bid farewell?


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