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Twenty thousand RMB PART-VII

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after that, when i video with my grandma, she always smile, and rarely talk, even she spoke, she were very lound.
i asked mom, what's wrong with my grandma.
mom said, grandma too old to hear clearly.
i immediately bought a ticket and flew back to see grandma. just like when i was a child, i still slept at grandma's seems her leg didn't move any a little in the whole night. i hold her feet and cried all night.
before i lelt i give grandma two thousand RMB, and then went to my mother-in-law to take a look my daughter. daughter asked me, doesn't you love me? why don't you come back often.
i endure tears and say, i am not doesn't love you, but is that too far away from here, i cant' always come back. but i swear i will come back soon to see you, ok?
ok, mom, i am waiting for you . bye,bye.
i got on the plane and took off coat, it was very heavy. I looked through it carefully. There was a white handkerchief in my inner pocket. When I opened it, it contained twenty thousand RMB.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-7-19 14:46
Being away from families is a kind of helplessness,  but it's better to live and work closer to family members as possible.

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