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A book about how to accompany our children

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      I read a book  "  Accompany children with six years primary school " which was written by Chenlian_Liu. That's a great book. I haven't read a paper book for a long time, but the book is interesting and useful so that I finishe it in a week. The book was made up by tens of stories which happend on their daughter,  and express her opinion and method about how to grow a child. There isn't too much theroy and precept besides the story.  Just like chatting with a neighbor about our children.  It's comfortable and easy to accept.   And the book is useful for me which have two children.

      We don't have the experience of growing a child and haven't had any training before been a parent。  So we always study together with our children, the different it's that we learned to be a parent besides the child learn knowledge and skills。  We all made many mistakes in the period and we are wrong in some sector。  And we always don't want to  accept the advices of the elder family members。  So, a good book may help us to avoid many mistakes and give our children a happy childhood。

       The keypoint of the book is accompany.  We won't always be better than our children in every areas. And our children prefer to look us as friends or teachers more than leaders.  The status will be helpful for them to learn knowledge and skills, and have more positive attitude  with the world. Provide the good environment and accompany with them and growing together with them.  We also have more knowledge about growing a child to learn.

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